The finished product (Specs)

Our grand plan. Convert a van into a full-time liveable, self sufficient off-the-grid campervan. It’s requirements are simple, it should be comfortable for 2 adults plus 2 dogs and contain all the usual house luxuries. We’re leaving in 6 months for Europe.

The Van

Our journey has begun. We purchased a Ford Transit Cub Hightop. Over the next 6 months we’re going to convert this into a elegant home on 4 wheels.

The first shot.

Why a Ford Transit?

The main reason we choose this van is for the extra space compared to a standard Transit. Vinnie was the tallest roofed van we could locate that was suitable and within our budget. The extra panel attached to the body hence Cub makes a real difference and adds about 3 foot in length to the overall size.


It seems to be in a great condition too. Vinnie the van was given a MOT a day before we purchased it. The previous owner has also just recently added a large window on the sliding door, something we planned to do ourselves so we have saved a good few hundred quid from our budget for the full van conversion.

Step one. Rip everything out so we have a clean, empty shell so building can commence.

Come back soon to our blog. We’ll be posting regular updates to document the conversion process ­čÖé

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  1. Hey guys!

    This is so exciting! AND what a fantastic idea having this blog so others may become inspired or offer you their own tips. I’ll be following your progress with much interest!!

    Viva la aventura!

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